new lifestyle, new chapter

This year marks my first year of studying to be a Bachelor of Design. I'm really excited to delve into a   degree with a specialised focus. With direction and drive, I'm leaving my days of fairydah behind and am excited to embrace my real creative identity: me, just me.

If you're interested in my journey into the field of design, I welcome you to follow my new blog: 

details / fruity

Just a splash of fruit juice colour during these sunny days.

beauty / wandering eye

I confess, I've had a wandering eye. With only a quick skip to the city, my eyes have been roaming and I'm feeling the temptation of something new. Something different.

As I result I haven't remained faithful to my list.

I introduce you to my mistress - Aesop products.

review/ naughty polish

chanel le vernis in particuliere 

If I had to choose a nail colour that I had to wear for the rest of my fashion life (please don't let there be a time where I would have to choose an item of clothing to wear forever - I couldn't choose!), it would be this one.

Right in between being neutral and quirky, this colour can take you through the day feeling polished, when teamed with a basic everyday look, pair it with a girly frock for a cheeky tea party, or take it for a spin on a grown-ups only night out in your LBD.

I could forever rave about the colour, but, as an honest blogger, I must say that this is not what you would call a long-wearing polish. I've tried it with several different top coats, without top coat, with a base coat and without, and there is just nothing that keeps this polish from chipping at the tips after a hard day's work in the office.

Let me know if you have any tips for getting naughty polishes to stick around.


country road shirt, dr denim jeans, sportsgirl bangle, jordan askill ring, chanel particuliere nail varnish

My everyday style has developed into a less is more approach. Less foundation (tinted-moisturiser), less jewellery (only the staples) and less fuss. It's been a slow and steady development, but it's definitely sticking around for the long haul. Stripping back to the basics feels invigorating.

diary/ beautiful

There are some times when I think my kitchen can be beautiful.