new lifestyle, new chapter

This year marks my first year of studying to be a Bachelor of Design. I'm really excited to delve into a   degree with a specialised focus. With direction and drive, I'm leaving my days of fairydah behind and am excited to embrace my real creative identity: me, just me.

If you're interested in my journey into the field of design, I welcome you to follow my new blog: 


SNVS said...

So no more Fairdyah, all packed up and put away?

S xx

Shasie said...

So are you no longer posting in this one!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

Clara Turbay said...

your suggestions are great, bold and versatile.

Clara Turbay said...

This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.

melissa barrass said...

just subscribed. Where are you studying? I am studying design in Sydney :D

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